Care Instructions

If you have purchased one of my handmade items, here are some tips for how to get the longest life out of your pet's crocheted hat, sweater or scarf.

Sweaters, hats and neck warmers will come with a set of care instructions. Most of our sweaters are made with either an 80% acrylic/20% wool blend or 100% acrylic blend yarn and both are machine washable. You want to machine wash the sweaters on a cold setting with gentle cycle if possible. You can also use a washable mesh bag to prevent the sweater from snagging on zippers, buttons or other items in the wash. The yarn manufacturer's instructions suggest machine drying at medium or high heats. We have found that the yarn holds it's shape well in the drier at high heat but may pill and fuzz with frequent machine washing and drying. You may also lay the sweater flat to dry and reshape in a warm dry place.

We highly recommend hand washing our hats and neck warmers to prevent damage to the pom poms and/or applique. Items with mother of pearl buttons need to be hand washed since the buttons may be fragile in the wash.
To hand wash, place items in cool or lukewarm water in the bathtub or sink and soak with a mild detergent. Leave the sweater for an hour or longer, then rinse the detergent out of the sweater. Roll up sweater in towel and apply gentle pressure to remove excess moisture. Lay flat to dry in warm dry place.

Hand washing will extend the life of your sweater as with any garment.
Red yarns may bleed so wash them alone.
100% wool sweaters will need to be hand washed cold with a wool friendly detergent and laid flat to dry. You do not want to expose the wool to intense heat (drier) because it will shrink and felt.
If your sweater snags on something the best option is to stitch the pull into place. Cutting a snag on a knitted or crocheted item may cause the piece to unravel. If you see a loose end, tie it in a knot if possible or hand stitch 3-5 stitches to secure it.

If your sweater has mild to moderate damage from chewing, snagging or any other unforeseen pet wear and tear I'm happy to work on it for you. Contact us to find out bout sweater touch ups and alterations. Pictures are helpful so I can assess whether or not the piece can be repaired before you send it back to us. Keeping sweaters away from dogs when they are not in them is recommended. Our Lily loves to chew on yarn when she sees the opportunity.

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