About Me

Hi my name is Anne Burton and my husband Michael and I are the owners of Beantown Handmade pet apparel and accessories. We opened up shop on Etsy in November 2008 and over the next four years expanded our business to include an independent website, crafts shows, and wholesale.

Originally from Virginia and Massachusetts, we now live in Nebraska with our two amazing Boston Terriers Lily and Bean. I am full time faculty in the Art Department at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska and Michael is a faculty member in the Department of Clothing, Textiles and Design at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Michael and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our first child, Everett, in February 2013. This year we also welcome our first pattern book, Patterns for Pooches, which features all of our tried and true Beantown patterns. I have had a busy year writing a book, working full time teaching college and growing a baby - and I am not currently filling and orders for custom sweaters and hats. I hope to resume making a few things for your furry friends sometime in 2013.

Michael and I are both practicing artists, with our MFAs in Painting and Printmaking respectively from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Michael creates painted animations and you can see his work here. I make paintings, prints, drawings and sculptural installations and you an see my website here.  We exhibit our work nationally and internationally, and have recently started creating collaborative animations. Bean and Lily are definitely studio dogs, and they love to hang out at our feet while we paint.

Etsy featured us in their Handmade Portrait series, take a look inside the world of Bean...

Handmade Portraits: Beantown Handmade from Etsy on Vimeo.

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